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If you want to start blogging regularly and procrastinate like me, you might want to read this article to quick-start your blogging process.

I am writing for myself almost every day. Most of the days, I end up writing about two things for myself.

  1. What do I want to learn to make myself a better professional?
  2. I want to start blogging.

Ok, there is a third about my very personal life struggles and aspirations. I am not sure yet if it is something I want to write about publicly. But, I can do myself a huge favor by starting on the second most used topic: “I want to start blogging.”

There are a few things I learned a blogger should do to call their writing a blog post

Make it available to others.

Yes, it is a thing. But, how could be any written thought called a blog post if no one can read it? Sharing is one of the most generous things to do anyway. So, why not start today?

Write it for others, not for yourself

Do not be selfish, and talk to yourself only. It is reasonably technical advice, but: instead of writing about/for me, myself, and I, I could talk about “it” for you. Your writing could be about/for them and us. I agree it is inevitable not to leave out yourself. It is ok sometimes. What do you think?

To make it more visual. Imagine you and a friend went to a coffee shop together to have some fun. But your friend, instead of talking to you, turns around, shows her back to you, and gives some pep talks to herself, mumbling, making no sense to you and others. How would you react? You would be left alone. Not a good company. At least not for me. I enjoy being with others and having a discussion exchanging views, especially if I feel involved.

Keep it consistent

If you already write almost daily, why not write it as a blog post daily or at least consistently whenever you feel?

I noticed a pattern in my writing style. Whenever I have an idea, I write about it for weeks or months before digest it and turn my attention to another topic or idea. So I can be pretty focused on one thing for a long time, analyzing the situation from every angle. It may sound good, but it turns the consistency table upside down.

If you are in the same situation, stay on one text to shape until its topic is understood and accepted by you. Then, instead of getting stuck, please take a deep breath and push it out. You will thank yourself that you did it again, and now you are free to try something new the next time.

Make it appealing

It can mean a lot of things. Write more engaging stories, chose topics that are usually secret to everyone. But, it might be a lot simpler to trigger more sensory on the reader. Although it is not a YouTube video, a blog can give many other opportunities to make an article more enjoyable.

You can actually embed videos if you want to, or make music and sound effects, a podcast maybe? But one significant advantage of a website, that these pages are interactive. More personal in design, organization, and content.

Make an unfair advantage out of your website.

Do not be a perfectionist

Whatever you do, set a time limit for yourself and call your project finished when you get there. Most of us are guilty to overthink and not publishing. However, we are not satisfied with the result since it could be better. Others are doing it better.

But you know what? You are creative, and you just created something unique. That is yours. Share it, then let it go. Focus on your next project, and keep growing through the process. Then when you have feedback, you can start learning and growing.

You will be better of with thousands of unperfect but finished projects than with thousands of unfinished businesses.

I’d rather go on ten short weekend holidays one by one, visiting a new place every time, than planning ten long and perfect holidays but not attending any of them. If you are already keeping your mind and body busy with the thought, why not give some reality into the mix and enjoy life?

Final thoughts

Starting a blog is easy. However, keeping it alive with regularly published articles is on a different level. There are many tricks to keep yourself aligned with your dreams and keep doing it. The few thoughts I shared with you in this article are just a tiny glimpse into the world of ideas that could help us.

I hope you found this article helpful or at least a little bit entertaining. Please let me know in the comments. Also, are you in a similar situation, and if so, did this article help you overcome your obstacles?

By Botond Bertalan

I am the founder of
I started my programming studies in 2010 and started to work professionally in 2012 before graduation.
I love programming and architecting code that solves real business problems and gives value for the end-user.

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