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The Future is Now

A few days ago, I was thinking about how the future would work for me?

Lately, I started to say that the future is now, and all I got is the now. So if I want to make it work in the future, all of my dreams, all of my wishes and goals have to realize today, like right now!

I know it sounds foolish because we all seeing those big dreams that are so far away from what we got now! But here is the key: it won’t come true by only wishing and daydreaming about those. If I do something about it right now, I actually have peace of that dream come true at that moment, in my present.

If I keep doing that, it means I am, in fact, living my dream. All of the possessions, material benefits will come as needed to progress in my new journey, in my present.

If I do not do anything about it, it means it is not in the present. Also, it means it will never come true because it only comes true if I am living it in the present. I know it sounds paradoxical, but it is not!

It is simply capitalist! WE set up a GOAL where WE DREAM BIG!

I know what I want to HAVE, but I am not sure what I HAVE TO DO, right?

That is the moment when we have to START! We do not know what we are doing, but we have an IDEA! And we are doing what we can to achieve the GOAL through that IDEA. Of course, we will do most of the things “wrong”! That is the LEARNING PROCESS! There is NO RIGHT nor a BAD way of doing things. There is only DOING, LEARNING, and PROGRESSING!

There are no expectations, no failures, no grades. Those are IDEAS for a different system. Those are other people’s IDEAS! But I believe you have a totally different IDEA! You do not want to set yourself up to “fail.” You set yourself up to experience, experiment, learn and ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL! And that is the IDEA! Keep DOING with whatever you have. Keep BUILDING your dream in the present. Like, RIGHT NOW, you are getting MOTIVATED; you are collecting your DREAMS and IDEAS about how you can achieve your new-found GOALS. You just INVESTED YOUR TIME and IMAGINATION to ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL! That is half winning! Congratulations!

The next step is to TAKE ACTION based on your new IDEAS:

  • INVEST some of your TIME.
  • Try out all of your IDEAS.

That is how you become a Capitalist!

Congratulations! Now you are living your DREAM that comes true in every waking moment of YOUR LIFE!

By Botond Bertalan

I am the founder of
I started my programming studies in 2010 and started to work professionally in 2012 before graduation.
I love programming and architecting code that solves real business problems and gives value for the end-user.

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