My name is Botond Bertalan. I am a Programmer, and I work from my home office in Hungary. I help multiple companies as a Contractor, but this blog, its content, and opinions are my own.

I blog about technology, code, software, and culture. I am excited about innovation, inventions, gadgets, entrepreneurship, media, psychology, and health.

Mini Bio

I started to learn to program when I started University in 2010 in Hungary, Debrecen. I spent my internship during my final year of studies using .NET and C# (Silverlight era). After graduation, I worked for one year at a local web development company in a team of 3. I was keen to code in PHP, JavaScript, and JQuery. Then life happened, with my then-girlfriend, we moved to the UK. I worked there for almost four years, writing the website and internal custom systems for a travel company in .NET, C#, and AngularJS. After she graduated, we moved back home, and I worked one more year using PHP and VueJS for a company, who sells their webshop engine to webshop owners in Hungary.

Since then, I am working remotely as a Contractor, experiencing and learning new technologies. I also wrote Infrastructure as a Code since then, using Terraform and Azure YAML pipelines!

If you want to know more about those projects, you can take a look at my LinkedIn profile. Soon I will write about those projects in detail if you wish to read even more.

I am learning new things whenever opportunities come. In my free time, I am consuming Pluralsight as if it would be Netflix for others. I know that even though I experienced a lot, I am still at the beginning of my Programming journey, and there is something new to learn every single day.

Why this Blog?

Since I am in the center of so many experiences, I thought, why not share what I discover and excites me in my journey. I am always at something new.